Potato Head: 5 New Ways To Build Communication

  1. Grab a pillow case or small opaque bag. Put all the pieces in the bag and shake! What kid doesn’t love shaking! Then, have your child reach into the bag. No peeking! Have them feel, describe, and guess which Potato Head part they will be pulling out before they see it.

  2. Teach following directions, sequence, and memory using first, then, and next. Support your child in learning to follow directions in a sequence. “First get the blue eyes and then get the arms.”  Start out easy with one part directions ("Get the mouth.") and progress from there. Make it a game to see how many pieces your child can remember in a row...Get the yellow hat, blue shoes, white arms, and red nose. Keep it fun and motivating with lots of smiles and laughter!

  3. Using gestures and facial expressions is a very important part of being a successful communicator. Play a game without words! Pretend to zip your mouth closed and scatter Potato Head’s parts around the room. Have your child follow your eyes or gestures as clues for which part that will be put on next!  Give your child a turn to give clues without words too.

  4. This is sure to get some laughs! Teach negation vocabulary (no, none, all gone, etc.) through a Potato Head dance party. Fill potato head with all the parts as usual. Then sing or turn on your child's favorite music and have Potato Head dance and shake until all or some of the parts fly off! Instant giggles! Then discuss, “Uh oh! No more eyes” “His shoes are all gone.” "The hat is under the table now!"

  5. Give Potato Head a bath! He can join the tub for your evening bathtime routine. Have your child wash Potato’s body parts as their body is washed too. This is a great time to learn adjectives like wet/dry/slippery/soapy/dirty/clean!

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