BLUE: Speech Therapy Theme

Light up your speech therapy sessions with these blue themed ideas in honor of "Light It Up Blue" for Autism Speaks on April 2nd.

  • Have A Blue Runway Fashion Show
    • Fill a dress up box with blue hats, scarves, coats, shirts, jewelry, headbands, ties, sunglasses. etc.
    • Give a blue ribbon for the best outfit
  • Create A Blue Scavenger Hunt
    • Search for blue items and create a blue treasure box. (cups, magnets, feathers, spoons, balls, etc.) See who can create the best story using all the random items found.
    • Repeat with blue magazine cut outs
  • Blue Painters Tape (create floor games) 
    • Roads for vehicles
    • Balance beam walks
    • Giant tic tac toe boards
    • Hopscotch games
    • Bean bag toss game boards
  • Talk about what it means to “feel blue” (idioms, symbolic language) Use The Blue Day Book 
  • Working with older kids? Here’s a lesson plan on Picasso’s Blue Period
  • Eat Blue Snacks
    • Blueberries
    • Blue corn tortilla chips
  • Blue Balloons
    • Fill a large box with light and dark blue balloons and let your child’s imagination fly. Challenge them to make up rules for a game they create.
    • Blow up a balloon. Don’t tie it, but hold it tight. Ready, set, go! Let it fly! This is a guarantee for some laughs!
  • Make A Blue Sensory Bottle
  • Listen To A Blue Song - watch & sing along, then make up your own verses.
  • Search For The Word Blue - Write out several sentences using the word blue. Then have the child search the page and use a blue highlighter to identify everywhere they see the word “blue”.
  • Blue Art - Grab a poster board or large piece of butcher paper and draw a blue sky and a blue ocean. Have kids use stickers, crayons, paint, or markers to add other blue objects.
  • Brainstorm other words that are BL blends: bland, block, black, blond, blind, and blog
  • Make tongue twisters with words that rhyme with blue - shoe, moo, dew, chew, drew, glue, clue, choo
  • Read Blue Books

What is PROMPT therapy?

According to the PROMPT Institute, PROMPT is an acronym for Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. This multidimensional approach to speech production disorders has come to embrace not only the well-known physical-sensory aspects of motor performance, but also its cognitive-linguistic and social-emotional aspects.

Julia and Roisin have both completed 2 levels of PROMPT training.  ECHO highly values and utilizes this research based theory and treatment approach in therapy sessions.

See the following links to learn more:

What is PROMPT? 

PROMPT Research Library

Muffin Tins - A Speech Therapy Tool

Repetition is one of the keys to learning and generalizing new sounds and words! Muffin tins offer speech therapists and parents a visual way to encourage a child to produce a dozen opportunities of a target. Kids love putting things in and then taking them out. So, you can often get 24 repetitions of a target!

Grab your muffin tin and 12 items that will fit inside. Here are some of our favorite things:

-Food Items (small fruits like grapes/blueberries, cereal, etc.)

-Household Objects that come in multiples (cotton balls, coins, magnets etc.)

-Sensory Items (play doh shapes, shaving cream)

-Rubber ducks or other animal figurines (the party store & Oriental Trading Co. sells large quantities of many small objects)

Have fun and get creative! Now you are on your way to a new way to getting lots of practice of articulation or vocabulary targets!