Muffin Tins - A Speech Therapy Tool

Repetition is one of the keys to learning and generalizing new sounds and words! Muffin tins offer speech therapists and parents a visual way to encourage a child to produce a dozen opportunities of a target. Kids love putting things in and then taking them out. So, you can often get 24 repetitions of a target!

Grab your muffin tin and 12 items that will fit inside. Here are some of our favorite things:

-Food Items (small fruits like grapes/blueberries, cereal, etc.)

-Household Objects that come in multiples (cotton balls, coins, magnets etc.)

-Sensory Items (play doh shapes, shaving cream)

-Rubber ducks or other animal figurines (the party store & Oriental Trading Co. sells large quantities of many small objects)

Have fun and get creative! Now you are on your way to a new way to getting lots of practice of articulation or vocabulary targets!