Speaking of Veggies...

Need fresh ideas to encourage your kids to eat more vegetables? It all begins and ends with communication! ...Inspired by our First Lady’s #GimmeFive challenge on ways to stay healthy. 
Before a Meal

1. Talk, Play, Pick - Use books about vegetables and pretend food toys to familiarize kids with veggie vocab. Recruit their help to choose produce from the farmers market or go pick their own at a local farm (e.g. LA families can head to Underwood Family Farms). Describe, smell, and explore vegetables before they even hit the plate!


During a Meal

2. Create Your Own Hunger Games - Make building your plate fun by creating guessing games and friendly family competitions. Estimate the number of peas in a spoonful. How many green beans will fit in this serving dish?

3. Switch Up the Pick Up - Simply changing the way kids can pick up their food can sometimes be enough to encourage a bite. Try chopsticks, toothpicks, skewers, or cocktail forks.

4. Shape & Dip - Change up the shape: Strips, slices, chunks, or whole. Place veggies in different patterns when you put them on your child’s plate. Make triangles out of 3 green beans or a happy face with a tomato and peas. Don’t forget the dip! Healthy options like hummus, salsa, or yogurt/labneh are good options. Check out the new EzPz dippin’ plate for kids too!

After a Meal

5. Kiss & Tell - Once the meal is complete, if your child didn’t want to try certain vegetables, encourage them to kiss it goodbye. They will automatically be exposed to the smell and a brief taste on their lips. Next time, maybe they will take a nibble! Then have everyone talk about their favorite parts of the meal. Of course yours will be the vegetables!

And if still need to impress your kids with veggies...you could always try this! :)

What are your five fun veggie ideas?