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Past Workshops

Sparking Motivation & Curiosity:                                        Creative Play to Connect & Communicate

Free Uptown Charlotte Parent Workshop

Date: Saturday March 12, 2016 10:30-Noon

Location: ImaginON

Sponsored by Guiding Parents To Services Contact Dianne Alexander to register 704.943.9416

  • Activities/tools/demos for creative play using toys you already have in new ways, household objects, or no toys at all!
  • Spotting & sparking curiosity to motivate your child to play and interact
  • Learn fun and practical strategies to improve communication from a licensed speech-language pathologist

Pasadena City College Presentation 

February 10, 2016 1-2pm

Who: Child Development Majors and Students

Topic: Language Acquisition & Dual Language Learners

Learning Language
Parenting Workshop at Kidspace Museum
Tuesday, June 9, 2015
6:00 to 8:00 pm 
$25 per Adult  $40 per couple

Learn how to support your little one's language development from a licensed speech-language pathologist. Babies and toddlers acquire language at lightning speeds and as parents, we are their primary models. Learn how to support and enhance your child's naturally growing communication skills while developing a deep, lasting, communicative relationship with your child. Take home resources and tips on how to communicate with your child as she grows and develops by making small changes that work with your lifestyle. 

This workshop will also answer the following questions:

-What should I expect to see between 6 months and 3 years and how can I identify signs of hearing loss and /or speech-language delays while appreciating the amazing things my child is doing?

-Sign language, flashcards, bilingualism, and educational videos-- what does my baby really need and how can I realistically provide it?

-How do bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, and early feeding relate to speech development?

Presented by Roisin Ching, MS CCC-SLP, Co-Owner of Echo Speech Therapy. Echo Speech Therapy is committed to providing therapy and community education using a supportive and empowering approach. We are speech-language pathologists, community educators, moms, and believers in the tremendous power of communication. 

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CSUN: Communication Disorders & Sciences Graduate Students


April 14, 2015 7-9pm

Let's Make Lemonade: Becoming a Creative and Resourceful SLP

What do you do when your therapy session takes an unexpected turn? At this workshop, we will:

  • Explore ideas, tools, and toys to help you adjust on the spot and motivate your clients

  • Discuss a variety of factors that can impact a client's ability to participate and progress

  • Engage in case study discussion and hands-on activities

  • Learn strategies to help you be a flexible, dynamic, and effective therapist

Pasadena City College 

March 4, 2015 10-11am

Who: Child Development Majors 

Topic: Language Acquisition & Dual Language Learners

First Words:  Language Development Q&A

12 to 24 months is an exciting year for families, as babies begin to express themselves verbally for the first time. It’s a period of discovery not only for babies finding their own voices, but for parents becoming aware of just how much their children are capable of! You’re starting to see that your day-to-day interactions have a huge impact on what your budding toddler is “talking” about -- from play time, to nap time, to dinner time.

You might also notice pressure from relatives (or even yourself) to have your 18-month-old speaking like a kindergartener. … Feeling a little overwhelmed by it all? We hear you! Come join us for a question and answer session in a relaxed environment that will put your mind at ease. Feel free to bring your child along!

Here are some topics we will cover:

  • how to make little changes to your routine that can help facilitate language learning
  • how to identify signs of hearing loss and or speech and language delay
  • bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, early feeding and how this all relates to speech development
  • best practices for bilingual development

Presented at Wallaby1835 Hyperion LA, CA 90027

$25/ family - Email for registration details

Red Kidspace Logo.png

Tuesday August 12, 2014 6-8 pm

"The Amazing Power of Speech & Language"

Parents and caregivers, come join us at Kidspace Children's Museum for a workshop teaching you about preschool communication skills.

-Discover communication expectations for 2-5 year olds and learn new ways to support and enhance your child’s naturally growing skills.

-Learn about your little linguist’s amazing ability to experience and acquire multiple languages.

-Take home resources and tips on how to create language learning opportunities and incorporate simple teaching strategies into your daily routine.


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Preschool Speech and Language Presentation

April 22, 2014

Echo Speech Therapy will be presenting information about speech and language milestones to watch for and activities to support communication development.

Celebration Kids, South Pasadena



Build Your Child's Communication Skills

April 5, 2014

Two interactive classes designed to empower parents of 2-5 year old children.

Building Language (1-3pm)
This class will cover the following topics:
-how to help your child use more words and longer sentences to communicate
-how to help your child understand what you are saying more often
-understand language milestones and expectations for children age 2-5yrs
-what to do if you think your child might need more help than you can offer (e.g. how to seek an evaluation through the school district)

Speaking Clearly (3:30-5:30pm)
This class will cover the following topics:
-how to identify why your child is difficult to understand
-how to help your child pronounce sounds and words more clearly
-how to respond when you don't understand your child
-what to do if you think your child might need more help than you can offer (e.g. how to seek an evaluation through the school district)

Parents are invited to attend one or both classes.

  • One Class: $50
  • Both Classes: $80
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Presented at Wallaby
1835 Hyperion Ave
LA, CA 90027


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